Pdf files download online and automatic forwarded to the asset

Hello everyone!, due to limit size of the apps. can you help me on how to call the pdf files in the google drive and when i click the specific pdf file/link ,it automatic downloaded to the asset. so once it download the pdf file, don't need to download online.

Or it is possible to store in the asset 100+MB and render it to apk?

Asset is read only, you can not move /copy file to there. But you can copy to ASD folder.

thanks for the response. do you have a sample codes or tutorials about this?

The limit is 100 MB for an APK (in the Play Store), but 150 MB for an AAB and you have to publish an AAB in the Play Store anyway.

If 150 MB is still not enough, then you have no choice but to download the files in advance. If the app is for your own purposes only, there is no limit at all (as far as I know).