Pause or delay code

Hi I have a problem with the while test function

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It pretty straight forward. Calling "FinnsFilerAttÖverföra" just check if there is files in a folder and if it does set lblKontrollFilerMapp to "Finns filer i Mappen!"

As long as lblKontrollFileMapp is set to "Finns filer i Mappen!" the While test function should keep running or at least thats the thought.

The problem is that lblKontrollFileMapp never uppdates. It work perfectly fine if I replace the while test with a if statment except for the fact that You have to push the buttom for every file you whant to handle.

I'm really stucked... Is there anyone who can give me a hit..

// Shas

Use a clock with the if statement, and include a condition to stop the clock if the condition is true/false as required

A clock, could You give me an example ?

And of course it should be like this old pictures

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Thanks I will test that imidiatelly. Quite an intresting way to create a while-statment...

I guess there is som serious issue with while test function in the platform otherwise....

// Shas

Also see

Thanks for Your help but I cant get this to work... This is very irritaiting. To solve this I have made an app that isolate the problem. Its pretty simple I run the program and every turn I whant the textfield to update in this case Number. 5 Number. 4..... Number. 1

But it run straight throw without updating the textfield. When it i has run all the 5 times it sends Number.1 to the textfield

What do I miss....


You appear to have ignored everything we previously told you !!

You cannot use a delay like that, use a clock timer instead:


I have not ignore belive me. I tried that and the app throwed med out... But I give it another go... I need to solve this...


Now it working, need to do some small adjustment but You made Your point. I dont know Why I did not got this to work last time... Problably a bad day.


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