Password protected server folder

Hi, I have produced a simple app for room planning hotel guests.

The main program is on a pc and when updated sends a sql file to the server which then updates the database and produces html files which show the rooms occupied by guests in the form of a table. When a guest name in the table is clicked on the relative information for this guest is shown.

I use a webviewer in the app to access this information,

As this information is sensitive I have password protected the server folder using .htaccess and .htpasswd.

The password window pops up on my pc and also chrome on the mobile and I have access to the folder, but the webviewer throws an error which then is set to default to the main webpage (I'm not sure which error maybe 404)

Does anyone know how I can get the webviewer to make the password window to popup?

CustomWebView provides options for Http Authentication.

thanks I will check it out

Yes that works fine, took a little while to figure the settings but it is now up and workinf, thank you again

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