Passing values from any other app to a MIT Inventor App

I can’t pass values (ex.string) to a MIT Inventor App from another app made in Android Studio.
I can invoke the MIT Inventor App without problems, on the screen I want, but I can’t collect the passed string. I have also tried using the main screen of Inventor App.
I’d like some help because it’s a university job with Robot MBot and it’s urgent.

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Most AI developers use the ActivitlyStarter

Using the Activity Starter to pass values to/from another app that is installed on the device. Is that what you are attempting? The information in the link under the topic Appendix: Technical information for Android developers who are designing external apps for use with App Inventor apps might provide the information you need.

To get specific advice you need to share some information: the code showing what you tried for instance and what information must be exchanged.

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The get start value reads a JSON-encoded string from the extra named APP_INVENTOR_START. If you don’t want to send a JSON-encoded string, you can use the get plain start text which will hand you back the string without attempting to parse it.

taken from my alarmmanager example

      //start App Inventor activity
      Intent in = new Intent();
      in.setClassName(strPackageName, strPackageName + ".Screen1");
      // pass parameters,
      in.putExtra("APP_INVENTOR_START", "This is your wake up call!");

      try {
      catch(Exception e) {
   	    Toast.makeText(context, "Alarmmanager: activity not found: " + strPackageName, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
        Log.e(strTag, "AlarmReceiver: activity not found: " + strPackageName);


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