Passing list startValue to another screen

I have in Screen1 a fully workable list of save items from a textBox. I need to pass this items to Screen2 but no matter how I try I have not been able to do it. I have searched
everywhere for an answer to no avail.(see attached) BTW I cannot use tinyDB or Files for what I'm trying to do. thanks

You send an empty list to Screen2

Hello Sefardi

When you 'Open Another Screen' - Screen1, you will create another Screen1 instance in the App memory - do that a few times and you will crash the App.

Instead, Close Screen 2 and the App will automatically return to the Screen that opened it - Screen1.

When you open Screen2, the Start Value should be the List you wish to pass to it.

PassListToOtherScreen.aia (4.4 KB)

Screen 1


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Thanks a lot!! I spent almost a week looking for an answer. Thanks

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