Passaggio di un determinato valore doppio (Passing a certain double value)

Hello everyone,
in practice I'm going to pass the value of "TxtUltimoRifornimentoGPLMetano (527)" going to open the "Consumption" Screen. But upon opening this Screen; I realize that in addition to correctly receiving the passed value..Tb_KmPercorsiGPLMetano (527)..also receives the same value Tb_KmPercorsiBenzina (527) :upside_down_face:..but the strange thing is that I had passed the value only to Tb_KmPercorsiGPLMetano.

I tried to insert a control so that it checks consumption when the screen starts; if Tb_KmPercorsiGPLMetano or Tb_KmPercorsiBenzina have received a transfer of value within them; but it doesn't work :thinking:

It would help if you showed, in full, all your relevant blocks. You might also try a simple example aia project to demonstrate what you want to achieve....

After saving TxtKmGas in the ListView; I go to open Screen2 and I want to pass the value only to TxtKmGas and not to TxtKmLPG. Both TextBoxes are listening; for the simple fact that once I want to pass the value of TxtKmGas and another time; that of TxtKmLPG.
Prova33.aia (3.1 KB)

Move set TxtKmLPG.text toget start value to the desired event, instead of the Screen2.Initialize event.

Since both TextBoxes are present in Screen2; they must necessarily listen for any value that is passed to them. How do I at this point to receive the value; exclusively to a single TextBox?

However in the end I think it's impossible to get a value to only one TextBox; if both TextBox, I set them "get start value". So I just have to pass the value to both and then manually, I'm going to delete the value that I don't need.

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