Partages image + son dans 1 seul mms

je sais partager par mms une image
Je sais partager par mms un son que j'ai enregistré
je ne sais pas comment partager, en même temps, dans un seul mms, l'image et le son.

merci d'avance pour votre aide.

Hello tarlefeneu

One issue is that there is no formal standard for the file types compatible with MMS - so a file type could be sent by one device but not received by a different device.

To share an image and a sound at the same time, both have to be part of the same file. So that would mean using a video format, even if the image is just that - a still image. There are several video formats you can test for your App, but if you want to make files dynamically in the App, use the video camera facility on your phone?