Parse Data from Firebase

I'm writing an app that has 2 parts. A client app that puts data in Firebase and a another app that reads the data.

The client app writes a tag with Device ID number. There will be several clients writing data.

The main app reads the data and displays it. How can I parse out the data and just display the dealer name and value?

From the Dealers Tag I want to display
(John "1 Players")
(Renee "1 Player")

(65950bf50e2a7df8 {"Renee":""1 Player \ ""})
(2a7c53bdf0980ea9 {"John"."\1 Player \ ""})

I'm not concerned about the { \ and "s, I just don't want the DeviceID 65950bf50e2a7df8 and part 2a7c53bdf0980ea9.


You might use a technique like shown in Taifun's How to parse a result

In designer for Screen1 proeprties, set ticked ShowListsAsJson

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That worked perfect. Now the only problem is deleting that entry from the listview along with the DeviceID.

I get Invalid Firebase path: Dealers["(John", ""1", "Player")"]. Firebase paths must not contain '.', '#', '$', '[', or ']'

You will need to go back to the original data returned, and use that to delete an entry under a Dealer keycode.

Will you have more players under each Dealer e.g. asidhslidvh345ijdsf: John:Player1, Dave:Player2 ?

Only 1 Dealer per DeviceID under Dealers