Parse API return to table

Hi everyone,

I want to make an app where I'm using an API to get an employee list from a database.
The return of the API call is as following:

    "status_code": 200,
    "employees": [{
        "uuid": "0033f0cd-0957-4da2-a61a-b9e7a70bd246",
        "name": "Niek"
    }, {
        "uuid": "c3fa0f14-16f3-4488-b10b-8644fdcfeff3",
        "name": "Dennis"

Want I want to do with this in the app is to create a list of employees(their names) and when I select one of them I want to remember the uuid of the selected employee for later use.

What I have so far:
I can call the API an return the result into a text box.
But I am struggling with the conversion of the output.

Can someone get me started please?


Here are a few tool kits you can use, assuming you know how to use procedures, tables, and dictionaries ...

Also see

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