Parse and compare 2 csv / json

is it possible to compare some data from 2 csv or json that are online?

read parse do a join on a field and compare them with appinventor?

Probably, all depends on what you are trying to do, and with what....


Here is a nice algorithm, if you want a coding project ...

i have 2 csv online like theses:

can be done a join on fields partita using only appinventor or i have to use something like php python and then show via appinventor?

Your csv file links led nowhere.

Here's a bunch of value procedures that might help ...

select_where_equijoin.aia (12.8 KB)

the 2 files are like this
file1.csv (12.0 KB)
file2.csv (2.7 KB)

thanks i'lltake a look to the code you posted

i am tryng to parse a json onli with no results:
json.aia (2.2 KB)

because your url return nothing.. i mean no response

well if you open that link on browser there is a response and it's a json

surprise.. it doesnot return anything here...

anyway try like this

try this link is a copy

changed also the block jsontextdecode with always not found

whcih key you want to find...?

or all the key value?

i want to take all Vincente Incontro and relative OV that are the odds

for example from this:
"no": "",
"ds": 0.0,
"outR": false,
"slI": 1565,
"sslI": 9061,
"ht": 0,
"hlg": false,
"ms": {
"0.0": {
"spd": 0.0,
"bk": 111,
"sNL": null,
"gp": 1,
"asl": [
"sNL": null,
"st": 1,
"si": -2102475400,
"sn": "1",
"ov": 1.75,
"oi": 17745508390,
"mti": 746,
"oc": 0,
"mi": 799471618,
"ms": 0
"sNL": null,
"st": 2,
"si": -2102475399,
"sn": "2",
"ov": 1.85,
"oi": 17745517058,
"mti": 746,
"oc": 0,
"mi": 799471618,
"ms": 0
"ms": 0,
"sl": "0.0"
"mn": "Vincente Incontro"
the ones in bold and
"enm": "Duerst J / Ostlund F - Ngounoue C / Svendsen J C", and enm that is the match

list of enum

your keys are almost two letters and it is hard to find where do it present.. just try like tha bove code. It is too hard for me to find.. If you design properly it will be easy to find the jey values.. it is going on into the diction

in my python code the keys are:

  type= i["mktWbG"]["356;1565;9061;0;0"]["mn"]

and for each one i need enm, oddp1, oddp2 and type

i tryed this:


for this:

A text join is not a list.

I know.. But for now i am only tryng to parse the fileds that I need from the json

Here is a table extraction method that you can pass through filters by column:

table_extractor.aia (13.0 KB)

pls be more specific.. where do this key present.. Hard to find.. all are seeams to be doubt letters.. Next time try to simplify your json there be enough details alone to be printed.. you are having multiple nested dictionaries..