Parameter Wrapping on Event Blocks

What should it be like?

After a certain amount of parameters on an Event Block, they should begin wrapping as some extensions (like an upcoming one of mine) have a lot of parameters in one Event Block and are unable to be seen in the preview area unless dragged onto the canvas.


It will allow developers to add more parameters that are able to be seen by the user instead of needing to drag the block out and see what’s there.

It’s hard to say without seeing the event in context, but my guess is that any event with a significant number of parameters ought to be refactored. I’m reminded of Miller’s 7±2 constraint on working memory and would go so far to say that 7 is probably a good maximum bound on the number of parameters. It’s something we’d need to think about.


I have 21 :joy:, however it's a bit lower for my other two Event Blocks.