Panoramic Photos,. Can i upload it on an app and select points on them?

Good evening to all team members. I would like your advice on an idea I have. I want to upload a 360 degree image to an app and then be able to select different parts of it to navigate to other information. Is there such a possibility?

I found the extension PonoramaViewImage1 which, by sharing the screen from right to left, also changes the position of the image. it also gives the coordinates for each position that the image is. The question is how I will be able to display a message or information when I pass a point of the image with a specific coordinate or even when I pass an area of the image between two coordinates? I tried with different blocks but none of them work...


Maybe. The image must be able to be loaded in a rectangular space. Images can used as the basis of responding to hot spots you develop that will allow different parts of the image to be queried for certain characteristics. Yes an image can be used as a type of Menu in your app if it is placed in a Canvas.

A simple example:

A Canvas.TouchDown or TouchUp can identify coordinates on the image if the image is loaded to a Canvas.Background (or an ImageSprite). The coordinates of the Canvas might be used as a cue to 'navigate' somewhere based on specified criteria. Similarly you can identify a spot based on color of pixels.

What you do depends on the image, how you select different parts, whether the 360 image is a drawing or a photo or whatever.

You have not provided an example of a typical 360 image or clarified 'different parts of it to navigate' that could be selected to provide enough information to even guess at specific advice.

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360View Extension


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