Palette menu Animation

hello Mit developer i need help
i am making a new builder I need help i change a palette box Animation

in mit open source
how to change Palette box and add icon and menu Animation

You'll need a lot of experience to do what Kodular did. But I wonder a lot of people want to do something similar/same as Kodular?

You will need to modify the CSS files as well as Java files in the AppEngine folder.

i konw ya.css file modify
but icon add and menu Animation?

CSS is not enough you also need to change into appengine folder especially because the UI of app inventor is written in appengine folder into a small part like widgets, box, and lots of...

please learn GWT then tack look into appengine


yes you are right many people are making their own builder and they want to make more beautiful then kodular but it is not possible because developer of kodular spend lots of time on project.