Paintpot dot size won't change

Another NOOB here working from the 2015 book version of App Inventor 2 which doesn’t exactly match the test. In the paint pot tutorial I cannot get the dot sizes to change. This is what I’ve got. Any help?

I’m not sure how or if I can post a pix here.

are you following part 2 of the tutorial here
which part exactly does not match? and which test are you talking about?


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

Based on the code, the buttons just change the dotSize variable.


To actually see the change in the dot, the USER must touch the Canvas Screen to see the effect of changing the dot radius. If you select Small_Button, you should see a small dot when you touch; select Big_button and you should see a larger dot.

Does that happen when you select a button size and then touch?

I should have been alot more explicit. From what I understand about setting the global dot size when that button is pressed the size in blue should become the global dot size. When the small dot button is pressed and I touch the screen I should get small buttons. When the large dot button is pressed and I touch the screen I should get bigger dots. Right now pressing either button then touching the screen only yields dots of all the same size.

If the answer is in the second post from Taifun it’s considerably different from the book I’ve got. I’ll have to look it over and make sure I’ve not made a mistake.

Thanks for answering.

Hello avionicsmaster, your understanding is correct and it is exactly how Steve describes it! So, your Blocks could look something like this:


I am working in PaintPot (Part 2) tutorial, i scanned the QR and used the application in my phone but the size dot never change, doesn't matter if i touche small dots buttom or big buttom the size of the line is always the same. Someone can help me?


Hi Maite. Welcome

That is not what happens here when I scan the QR and load the app. Are you downloading from this tutorial PaintPot (Part 2) ?

On my Android 8.1 this is what I see

Touch Big Dots (#1 in red), next touch the cat (#2 in red)... I see a big black dot.
Touch Big Dots (#1 in green), next touch the cat (#2 in green)... I see a small black dot.

Does this happen when you use the downloaded apk and install or are you having issues when you try to reproduce the code using the tutorial?

Hi Steve,

After seeing your screenshot i realise that i misunderstood the activity because i thought that not only the size dots change but also the width of the line draw. So proposal of this activity is just change the size of the dots.

Thanks for your help!

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