Paint a button at a specific time interval

I need the button color to change at a specific time. What am I doing wrong?

have you tried downloading the app and testing the app on your cellphone?

And you have to change this block :


With this :



blocks (1)

does not work.

I would like to know if you are using any extension because few of the blocks you have used are not from the blocks which are already in App Inventor.

The OP has created a procedure called TimeBetween, using the procedure block.

Oh OK, I mistook it to be something else

Try with numbers (although it should make any difference. These blocks, slightly different, but they work for me


I guess this method would use the minimum number blocks. Check It Out!

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erm, uses more blocks than the OP's example, and less "efficient", also, probably doesn't work, because the format time will not equal a number

What does that mean? I didn't get it.

It is better now you have changed the time format to hours :slight_smile:

Thanks. Works. This is what I needed.

Oh yes, I by mistake used the wrong block but I updated it a minute later.

Thanks. Good.

So no one mentioned using a Clock Timer?

not much point if it is supposed to happen on Screen Initialise ?

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