[PAID]Subtitles Parser Extension: Effortlessly Parse and Manage Subtitles

hello developers ! today I'am introducing my new subtitles Extension for loading and displaying subtitles in an app.

It provides functionality to load subtitles from SRT and SSA files, as well as from URLs. It also includes a method to convert SRT files to SSA format.

Here's a breakdown of the main blocks and functionalities in the Extension :


component_event (2)

SrtConvertedToSsa Event:
This event is triggered when the SRT to SSA conversion is complete. It provides the converted SSA content to the user.

component_event (3)

SubtitlesLoaded Event:
This event is triggered after loading subtitles, allowing the user to handle the loaded subtitles.

LoadSubtitlesFromFile :
This function loads subtitles from an SRT file. It reads the file, parses the content,

LoadSubtitlesFromSsaFile : This function loads subtitles from an SSA file. It reads the file, parses the content

component_method (8)

component_method (9)

LoadSrtFromUrl and LoadSsaFromUrl blocks:
These functions load subtitles from SRT and SSA files hosted on a remote server.

component_method (7)

This function retrieves the subtitle text for a specified time in milliseconds. It iterates through the subtitle entries and checks if the given time falls within the start and end times of each entry.

component_method (6)

ConvertSrtToSsa :
This function converts an SRT file to SSA format. It reads the SRT content, converts it to SSA format using the convertSrtToSsa method, and triggers the SrtConvertedToSsa event with the converted content.



You can purchase this extension HERE. Once your payment is complete, you will be redirected to the Download URL.


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You should remove Free word from the title. It is misleading.

It used to be free, now it's paid.

@Black_Knight why is this change?

I appreciate your support when Extension was free. However, I have decided to transition to a paid model in order to improve the Extension's features and functionality,

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and value your feedback. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. Thank you for your

so stay tuned to the upcoming features.