Paid subscription (app size, many screens / error in DX stage when compiled)

Hello there,
I'm just wondering if I can have a paid subscription on app inventor. I just need to exceed the allowed limit of 10 screens and the 10 MB apps that can be created. If not, I have a quiz app and it works fine if it has less than 10 screens. I need to add more categories to my app with other topics and I really tried to do this myself but I failed. I saw the explanation of the quiz app making but I didn't get it. I only need to repeat the same screens that I have. If someone can help me NOT for free it's completely fine for me.

  1. There is no paid subscription for AppInventor

  2. The 10 screen limit is advisory, but going above that number of screens may cause problems with your app. Consider using virtual screens, or look again at your app design to see if you are repeating yourself anywhere.

  3. The main AI2 server has a project size of 30mb, the code AI2 server a project size of 50mb. It is possible to add more assets (files) if you decompile your app, add the assets, then recompile again.

My guess is that most of your app issues arise in 2. above

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I tried to use hide-show feature but the program crashes. I had this issue although it's only 2 screens!

:question: what is this hide/show feature.....

The visibility option.
I used to make more screens then you advised me to use the visibility option to use less screens, so I piled up the components in one screen using the visibility option

See here

or more recently

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The idea of my app is that, the app is more for kids, so I have some encouraging videos for correct and wrong answers with some sounds that appear for each answer. Can I upload the (.aia) file for you to have a look then advise me?

You may be better served by searching the community for Quiz, and see what others have done, or been advised to do.

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Mine is different as I mentioned because it has videos and sounds which aren't included in the quiz community here.
Okay, my app is only 2 screens and its size is 2 MB and when I build it, it crashes. What do you think? the error may be with the components?

the error in the screenshot above

Hello Mahmoud

The error is in your App Design. You do not need a different Screen for different Categories and Topics. Think about it - your User only sees one screen at a time. Separate your Data from your GUI and then you don't need to switch screens for the data, only what is to be displayed on the screen.


Thanks, Mr. Ward
This is what I have done and I have only 2 screens and the app size is 2 Mb and when I build the app I face the same issue shown in the screenshot above.

I can't build the app although it has 1 screen and its size is 1.5 MB.
please advise.

Share your aia project here

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Mine_test.aia (1.4 MB)

Probably too much of something, e.g. 120 clock and 120 video player components! - all clocks enabled to fire as well!

As I suggested earlier, you need to review your app design to avoid repetition.

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Thanks brother

Following Tim's comment, the clock times and videos are data. You only play one video at-a-time so you only need one player to play all the videos. Concerning the clocks, you may have more than one thing to time but more than five or six clocks should not be necessary.

By the way, you can store the clock times in a Blocks List. You can also store the video names in a Block List (I assume they are all stored in the same place).