Paid Solution Needed for A Continuous QR Code Scanner To Google Sheet with multiple columns

Hi Guys,

I have search existing solutions in the community and found none close to the solution I seek.

I am developing a simple app for the children's class in my church.

I want teachers to be able to Enter the name of the class in one field (Faith, Love, Hope, or Honor) and the Service (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th) in the second field.

Then with the click of a scan button, the app will continue to scan all the 100 children QR Codes on their ID Cards and automatically send the QR Code Text, Class_Name and Service Number to a Google Sheet while at the same time making it available as a CSV file on the phone in offline mode.

I do not mind paying for this solution as soon as possible.

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Israel Melchizedek

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We can do this work for you, If you are interested then please let me know, my contact details are mentioned below,


This is now solved....

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