[PAID] Quiz App with Categories and Advanced Professional Features


Introducing Quiz App with categories and advanced professional features!

This is an AI2 modification of my existing Quiz App developed on Kodular. Now this is compatible with AI2 and includes additional features.

Made with AI2 :heart:

Many users have already developed high quality educational apps with implementation of Quiz in their apps and earning a good money.

Why Quiz Apps

As an app developer, incorporating quizzes or practice tests into educational apps offers numerous advantages:

  1. Enhanced User Engagement: Quizzes add interactivity to the app, keeping users engaged and motivated to continue learning.

  2. Retention and User Loyalty: By providing a valuable learning experience, users are more likely to return to the app regularly, increasing user retention and loyalty.

  3. Competitive Edge: Educational apps with quiz features stand out in the market, attracting more users and gaining a competitive edge over similar apps.

  4. Data Collection and Analysis: Quizzes provide valuable data on users' performance and learning progress, which can be analyzed to improve the app's content and user experience.

  5. Monetization Opportunities: Quizzes can be used as a premium feature or as part of a subscription model, creating monetization opportunities for the app.

  6. Customization and Personalization: Quizzes allow for customization and personalization based on users' learning goals and preferences, enhancing the overall user experience.

  7. Continuous Improvement: Feedback from users' quiz performance can inform future updates and enhancements to the app, ensuring continuous improvement and relevance.

In summary, incorporating quizzes or practice tests into educational apps not only benefits users by enhancing their learning experience but also offers various advantages for app developers in terms of engagement, retention, monetization, and continuous improvement.


  1. Splash screen, Login page. Login is required to get user name which will be used for leader board. Currently only user name is taken, you can merge this app with your existing app and use user name from there.

  2. Home screen contains Categories and subcategories. Each category will have its own sub categories. Each subcategory will have one quiz. You can add unlimited categories and subcategories.

  3. Quiz introduction screen: Introduction about the quiz number of questions, time etc.

  4. Quiz screen: Quiz screen has timer, timer linear progress bar, quiz progress button, mark review button and quiz layout with beautiful UI.

  5. Image and Video:Image and video can be added in the quiz, when you add image it will be visible otherwise the image will be hidden.

  6. Real-time Quiz progress: During ongoing quiz user can click on quiz progress button to check the quiz progress that is number of questions solved, skipped, marked for review, and remaining questions in real time in a pop-up window!. The main feature of quiz progress is that user can jump to any question without losing the progress by clicking on the question tiles.

  7. Results: result screen shows detail analysis of quiz with chart.

  8. Answer key: answer key shows the questions, with options, correct answer and user selected answers. Correct questions will be highlighted by green, and wrong will be with red.

  9. Leaderboard: Each quiz will have a separate leaderboard connected with Firebase.

  10. Share score: User can share his/her score.


  1. Random Questions: Every time the user attempt the quiz the questions will be randomly shown to every user.

  2. Number of questions is not limited in each quiz, you can add different number of questions in each quiz. Time will be adjusted depending on number of questions. You can set time and marks for each question and and rest is the logic.

  3. Negative marking is also available. You can set negative marking, If selected 0 then no negative marking otherwise specified value will be considered as negative marking.

  4. Explanation: Answer explanation is also available. Same as like image, when added in the xl it will be shown in the answer key otherwise hidden.

  5. Beautiful, clean, minimalistic dark UI comfortable for eyes.

  6. This is fully dynamic quiz app, you can add, edit, delete categories, sub-categories and quiz data anytime and changes will reflect in the app.


Splash screen

Main categories


Quiz instructions screen

Quiz screen

Quiz with image questions

Quiz with video questions

Quiz progress bar in real time

Result screen with details result analysis

Answer Key with user response and correct answers.

Leader board for each quiz with rank, user name, and score.


Firebase is used for showing Category, subcategory and leaderboard. Firebase is fast and perfect for leaderboard. With free plans you can use it will not cost you unless your user base is too large.

Excel is used for quiz data. Instructions will be provided on how to setup.

There will be no database limit to store quiz questions data, you can add unlimited quizzes without thinking database usage bandwidth limit.



QuizAI2.apk - Google Drive


No paid extensions were used in this app, all were free from the community. Thank you to all extension developers.


Quiz app AIA, Quiz admin app AIA, Firebase database test json file, Set-up video, and any other support required.


DM/PM me or you can message me on telegram (Username: Kiranmadde)

Thank you AI2 and team for wonderful platform.