[PAID] Loaaf • A Powerful Extension with Various Loading Animations Bundled! [1.0]

Loaaf • A Powerful Extension with Various Loading Animations Bundled! :partying_face:

Loaaf creates various kinds of loading animations in AndroidViewComponents like HorizontalView, VerticalView, and so on. These animations are fully customizable with custom colors   :wink:


Loaaf contains two main blocks, the rest consisting of property blocks for defining the type of the animation.

  1. image |

    Creates The Animated View in the Specified Layout.

  1. image |

    Returns a Integer Value for the provided #hexValue
    e.g. #fffff

  1. image |

    Sets the color for the animation. The ParseColor block can be used here.


  1. BallBeatIndicator
  2. BallClipRotateIndicator
  3. BallClipRotateMultipleIndicator
  4. BallClipRotatePulseIndicator
  5. BallGridBeatIndicator
  6. BallGridPulseIndicator
  7. BallPulseIndicator
  8. BallPulseRiseIndicator
  9. BallPulseSyncIndicator
  10. BallRotateIndicator
  11. BallScaleIndicator
  12. BallScaleMultipleIndicator
  13. BallScaleRippleIndicator
  14. BallScaleRippleMultipleIndicator
  15. BallSpinFadeLoaderIndicator
  16. BallTrianglePathIndicator
  17. BallZigZagDeflectIndicator
  18. BallZigZagIndicator
  19. CubeTransitionIndicator
  20. LineScaleIndicator
  21. LineScalePartyIndicator
  22. LineScalePulseOutIndicator
  23. LineScalePulseOutRapidIndicator
  24. LineSpinFadeLoaderIndicator
  25. PacmanIndicator
  26. SemiCircleSpinIndicator
  27. SquareSpinIndicator
  28. TriangleSkewSpinIndicator

How to use Loaaf ?

Its very easy!

To use Loaaf you just need to drag the CreateLoadingView Block, Place the Parent Component in the in slot and drag one of the Animation types from the Properties in the type slot :wink:


Loaaf is a PAID extension as of now. To buy it please PM me here.
Once bought you will receive a AIA file of all the Animations.


  • 300 INR
  • 4$ USD


I don't provide demo APK for paid extensions. Here is a video!

Thanks! :partying_face:
Regards, Pratyush.


nice work.


Nice extension

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What's the advantage over regular gif animations? You can find many loading animations in gif format and upload with eg Glide.

The main advantage is the Color control. Which you can set with the Color property of this extension.

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Can't a person design custom color gif in canva, I do it till now

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Can you change it in runtime? No.

What do you mean by that ? we can change it by changing the filepath

There is a color Property for changing the Color of the Animation in Runtime.

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Oo, then nice extension,

Would love to use it if it was free :blush:

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Nice @Pradevel

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