[PAID] IMAPClient: Extension to read emails from IMAP server [$6 or INR 350]

You just missed commission of PayPal.

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Please, I've tryed this test apk, and once I introduce the connection details, it apparently works when I click on the "Connect" botton (it appears the "+OK POP3 ready"), but after that, when I click on the "Folder List" botton, the "Not connected" message appears... Am I doing something wrong?
Thank you in advance.

This should not appear as extension uses IMAP and not POP3.
Can you show a video of error?

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Thank you for your interest.

I've finally solved the problem (I wasn't working with the right details to connect). Sorry for that.

The thing is that an error window appears now when I click on the "Getlist" button (I've previously chosen the folder, and the app is able to count the number of messages, so I think everything is working properly at that time). The error window says:

"Select list item: List index too large
Select list item: Attempt to get item number 2 of a list of length 1:[""]"

This is the screenshot:

Can you please help me with that?

Thank you again!

After selecting folder you need to list subjects first, for that you need to define a range such as 1 to 50 in the textbox as 1;50 only then you should call GetSList.
I think you should buy the extension to learn more about its usage.

However, test apk is no longer available.

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Thank you!

Ok. I agree. Please, let me know how to buy it.

ChangeLog Version 1.1

  • Fixed bug in GetFolderList which was returning an appended list of folders
    Reported by @bernat_bernat
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Hi, please. How do can body be html?

I don't know why, but although I've tryed many combinations to make it work,I was unable to create an apk where TaifunMail (to send emails) and IMAPClient (to read emails) can work together. They work fine together under Companion, but once you try to create an apk, App Inventor is unable to compile the project, and an error message appears.

Any suggestion?

Thank you!


There is a no-deps version also there.
However, I can't assure its compatibility with other extensions.
Why not try this? (compatible)

Thank you.
I've tried again.... And it happens the same: it works fine under Companion, but unable to compile the project.

I'll appreciate any suggestion you can provide.

Please, can you please create a quick draft app (and its .apk) with those two extensions to make sure they can work together?

Thank you again.

Did you use this aix?

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Thank you very much for your help.

I've tried to use an ancient version of that no-deps version, but it had the issue with the "appended" folder lists... I didn't know there was a new version for that... sorry, and I thank you again for pointing this out.

Now that it works well along with the SMTPClient, another problem shows: emails with attatchments stops the app even under Companion. I've tried to solve this problem by changing the scope, but nothing seems to work.... except coming back to the previous "com.sunny.ImapClient.aix".

Am I missing something?

Thank you again.


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Please, can you send me any suggestion regarding this issue with attatchments?

Thank you in advance.


Can you please re-elaborate your issue?

I can see all the previous messages... can't you see them?


I can see them as well.
The issue is that I am unable to replicate the bug.
You can bypass the complete procedure of making a sample apk by providing the logcat when bug happens.

Hello, I am trying to create an application where "SmtpClient" extesion and "[PAID] IMAPClient" extesion communicate with each other. And I want to ask if it works with Kodular? Or only MIT AI2? Thank you, Petr.

Why not ask this on the Kodular community ?

They do work together but for that you will have to use noDeps version of IMAPClient extension.