[PAID] Google Maps : Add maps to your app!

An aix for showing maps with Custom Polygons, Circles, Markers, Polylines (ways) , GeoCoder, many themes, (Lat and Lng to Address) and much more




Demo Blocks

Supported Builders
Kodular, Niotron and Appinventor

15$ or 999 inr

To buy
Dm me


does it draw lines between the points ?

can it calculate the real length between two points or a path ?

and why don't you put it's price

Does one have to have a Google Map API key to use the extension? If so, where is the Block to enter it.

To obtain an api key requires the developer have a credit card on file with Google to pay for usage over the 'free' limit. A developer planning to use this extension should know that up front and perhaps you should include instructions on how to obtain the API key.

How much does the extension cost?

What Android versions does this work with and on what versions has it been tested?

Will it work on Android 13?

How will you provide support to users.? You have the extension; the people here don't know how to use it. Are you prepared to help everyone?.

Has anyone besides you tested this extension?

You have shown the Blocks; when will you provide a description about what each does or will do?

Does this work with the LocationSensor or does it have it's own version of the LocationSensor; that is can you post and track your position on the map as you change your location? Or is it a static Map image?


Hi, Api key is needed as a metadata, so once client buys , i put his api key in @UsesApplication metadata and compile and in end send it to the client


It does contain polyine drawer, you need to pass points as a list,

You can send json requests to the directions api and do the same efficiently and easily


Yeh, it will

They can contact me on Telegram: Contact @beastunknown2166 or send a pm here

Actually due to the number of blocks, it will take some time

Yeh it will

Mentioned in the post


Street View Panorama Addon

Displays a 360 degree panorama street view for a specific location


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How can I DM to you?

Click on the users icon and then click on Message

I want the extension, how do I get it?


How is this not one of the most wanted extensions? The open street maps are terrible at high zoom ratios. Google maps is far better. I'm very interested in this extension if it's been updated since '22.

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Updated to Maps SDK version 18.2.0
Fixed Crashes related to polyline.

Existing buyers to dm me to receive the update.

With this update will it work on Android 14, and what's the lowest Android level it will work on? I am circling back to move forward with using this in an app build. I had reached out last year in '23. Is it still $15?

Yes pricing remains the same


Uhm, Google Maps SDK boasts good compatibility (Api 19)