[PAID] FtpClient: An extension to communicate to remote server [$5 or INR 350]

Unfortunately Pirates and Resellers exists :pensive:


Then in that case, I am not responsible to provide support for unauthorized extension versions.


hello, i tried your extension (the app) i am writing an apk.
this is what I have when I am online.
my server on esp works very well with AndFtp on my mobile
I have correctly filled in the fields.
What is not working well?
Thanks for reading

Hi @droid_droid,
Elaborate more what is not working.
What error message did you get?

hello, i have no error message. the only message I have is: connect. then what I put as a screenshot.
the memory card contains five files. thank you
ps: I put a photo of my screen andftp

How are you uploading files?

How did you get these?

1 ° I connect to my esp (wifi point access), it's ok
2 ° I click on listFiles (I have the display of the previous photo).
a listDir only displays two square brackets ([]). Thank you for your help

Can you show structure of web file manager?
The extension assumes that every credential provided is of a root user and executes commands in root, so try changing the current working dir.

[] means no subdir was present in that dir.

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this is what you want ?


ok for listdir, I have no directory on the card

No, I want an image of web file manager i.e. of your hosting.

hello, I don't have a web file manager, because there is no internet where the system is, just a wifi connection. I made a wifi point access on my esp8266. I connect with my mobile to the wifi access of my ftp server, then I load the file. It works great with andftp.

I believe then you should try SFTP.

thanks for your help, this is what I managed to get:
the first photo (apk.png) is with your application, what is below TYPE I is the listfiles commance. apk

The second with andFTP (andftp.png) it automatically displays the file list.

What I am seeing is that andftp is more locace. but I don't know much about it. thank you

Sorry, I didn't understand.


I am trying to use your client to upload a sound file to a raspberry pi which is in the same network.

The blocks look the following:

Unfortunately the upload does not start. Did I set the paths and addresses correctly?

I believe you are using the SFTP (SSH2) version of the extension

You probably do not need the sftp:// for the host, neither do you need the file:// for your remote and local file paths.

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Thanks works now

i have extension i don't know how to use but

after this block giving me following message

Unable to resolve host "ftp://192.168.x.x:2221":No address associated with hostname

please help :frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face:

Can you show the blocks where you are establishing connection?

I test demo apk which one you uploaded.