[PAID] Fancy RecyclerView Extension

This extension is the adaptation of the android RecyclerView widget. It is composed of several parts, first the RecyclerView extension, which is the widget that makes it possible to create dynamic lists of any type.On the other hand, there are also various widgets that can be used to build our items.There are also extensions that are compatible with RecyclerView for Kodular, these extensions work as tools to facilitate or provide different additional functionalities.In a very vague summary, it can be said that with RecyclerView any type of lists can be made, but they are not just lists because in reality it makes use of a property called layoutmanager that the RecyclerView has. Through this mentioned property, you can change how the items will be displayed. Currently the extension has implemented: "ListView", "GridView" and "StaggeredGridView", this means that effectively, we can do more than lists.

Main Features:
The features depend mainly on the widgets used:

  • Animations
  • Custom backgrounds (gradients, images, borders, ripple effect)
  • Ability to overlay widgets for better interface designs.
  • Support for gif images, images from servers or from the phone.
  • Animations using Lottie.
  • Different types of view, ideal for projects such as chat, where several designs are needed without losing the performance of the application.
  • Injection of custom widgets, which allows to display advertising banners or any widget available in the components (of Kodular)
  • Swipe Actions, allows you to show actions on both sides of the items that will be revealed when you swipe them.
  • Controlled sliding.
  • [NEW] SnapHelper adds an elegant slide functionality, which allows centering the RecyclerView widgets similar to the ViewPager.



Full documentation and guide:



All the documentation seems to be written for Kodular. can you give assurances, show screenshots etc. of this working with AppInventor ?

How do you buy this extension ?

Yes, on the same page you can buy, there are two variants, one for Kodular and one for AppInventor (because it migrated to AndroidX)
It was originally posted for Kodular but currently works 100% on AppInventor.

Show blocks pls

Yes, you can see all the RecyclerView blocks here:


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