[Paid] DevzStore : Enable Api 31 in your app


Hey everyone, hope you are fine.
Today I am going to introduce my new app that will solve the problem that many of us facing these days and that's uploading app on playstore because of api31.
So with devzStore app you can generate api 31 based apk in one click.

Other features -

  • Use XML based layout (later updates)
  • Native library
  • Signed apk with api31
  • Signed aab with api31


As you can see in above video that was so easy to enable api 31 without any boring manual work.
Also don't be surprised seeing 23mb of generated app that was because of native library used in pdfview extension. When you'll upload aab the installable app will be of around 8-20mb with pdf view.


How to download ?

Visit our site
Click to download app

Note - I have used template to create landing page and in some android it have some errors. I am sorry for that. I recommend to use pc for better expierence.


Q. IS that free?
=> No, tool is not free but we have offered affordable plan of 100inr that you have to purchase once only.

Q. Does it add android:exported=true/false respectively to activity, receiver, service, provider etc?
=> Yes, It adds android exported=false to all of your activity, receiver, service, provider etc

Q. What happens to all the apk’s/keystores that are uploaded to your server
=> The apks we askt you to upload for editing is deleted everyday under maintenance of server and storage. Keystore is saved on server and is secures and its important to ask you for keystores because we offer apks/aabs to get signed with your keystores.

If you have any query you may ask me.. :heart:

This category is for apps made with App Inventor. Did you use App Inventor or another builder?

How would a user know that. Your word in this case is not enough.

app is made with android studio.
there was no category like tool or resources so it put it under guide

Security mainly mean that data cannot be accessed by other over the world that data are like keystore, app.
Some data like payment info are managed by razorpay's webhooks
Many of the operations is based on token i.e. combinatin of random string and number of length 20. which is only and only accessible to user

This is not the Android Studio community!

So you can't post apps made without App Inventor.

And ALL apps have to be FREE! It is a major rule, I didn't come up with this rule. It is mentioned in one of the T&C documents (I don't exactly remember which one though)

Again. How would we know that? We don't know how the software works. In my view you should never share your Keystore with anyone.

@Anke posted tutorials on the community to do the same, where you don't have to share anything.

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I don't see the benefit of this. The targetSdk 31 update will be available in a few days. In addition, there is already the possibility of using the test server.

In addition, it remains unclear whether the problem with extensions is hereby solved. I doubt that.



So enlighten us. Until then I'll unlist it.

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I shared it as a guide. May be any of the moderator have changed topic and category.

It's freemium

As you shared the guide of @anke I am also doing the same thing with some additional features that's inject resources of aar based extension (if used) like XML, native lib,etc. So asking Keystore for signing the final output apk.

Now about security of Keystore,according to @Anke guide everything is done manually and many user faces issue in that too.
Now of user uploads the Keystore then it's only stored to the private directory that is created for the user in time of signup and that folder(also parent of that's folder) have no access to the world. So it can't be accessed outside the app.

And if the issue is with Keystore,then I'll add the function to sign the apk/aab with test Keystore if user have not uploaded or don't want to upload Keystore and I think this will the perfect solution for that.

Yes you are correct, may be soon we will get targetsdk31 update but devzstore is not limited to that.
Using devzstore we can also inject resources of aar based extensions that is native library, XML layouts, drawables, etc.

In my point of view, giving targetsdk31 is just to check efficiency of the software on my server.

This question is unclear to me. But as much as i understood, i think you are asking about attribute android:exported="true/false".

So when I tested one of my aar based extension and uploaded aab then Google Play console show error to add this attribute to all your activity,reciver,etc. So according to a blog i read I figured out that android:exported="false" is secure as this disable any intent outside apk to open your apps activity.
If you are asking to add this tag using extension then it's not possible to add this tag to screens used in app.

That's not true. Why do you say that?

I am sorry, i thought you have changed let me remove it

Freemium is also not supported!

We can do that with extensions. If we need to build to make such advanced apps anyway, we could ultimately switch to another platform!

Some notes for you

Example (I know I went slightly off here): How do you pay? What do we have to do to pay? What payment methods are supported? You haven't provided us with enough information, you only told us the amount '100inr' or 'Rs. 100'!

If you don't follow these rules, your topic will be unlisted and people will not be able to see it!

@Anke said the right thing!

Is that necessary?
Also as you said freemium is not allowed. How it will help to re-list the topic?

Yes. That is necessary!

Make the app completely free for everyone. That's it.

How it's possible to make everything free as i also have to pay for servers.

Why do you need servers? You are simply ignoring mostly what @Peter and @Anke said!

Explain us how your software works! For instance, I don't have much idea about such server backend work.

Ok then I'll make an image with explanation but not now as I'm in journey. I'll reach my destination tomorrow Eve.

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Where does it say that?

In a PM, a long time ago, someone told me about it, and I thought I also saw it in an Appathon topic somewhere, that's why I said it.