[PAID] Custom Dynamically Design Ui Materials

hi here is my 1st extensions this allows you to create dynamicall ui Material Design
like android studio
in this extensions special feature is that we can place any component in any where inside layout on border of layout or on cornor of layout or outside layout
we also place button or any component on top of each other for example button on top of images images on top of button or any comp,
PRICE IS :Rs 300/-
if any body intrested pls Pm me…
Circle Badges;
make a list in listpicker
Custom MaterialDialog:
set directly componet in dailogbox
Rating Bar;
Ring Bar
Progress bar;
hOrizantal Line;
Vertical Line;
Image Round corner:
Horizantal Layout:
Vertical Layout:
:allow to set 6 type of card and also have round cornor stocke color width size change
:in this text box we can set 8 type of text, like password,number, text,etc .change border of textbox,cornor,radius,width,hintext,
:allow to set images round
:set checkbox check color,background color,text color etc.
:allow to give shape whatever we want in badges and set text or number
:allow to set vertical or horizantal line for divider any any use wthi change color
:horizantal or vertical scroll and set gradient color in any layout:
:click event get index and get value or text
:allow to swtich on off

this is minimum example we can do however we want with click event

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Are you sure that the UI being depicted in the images posted above is made using your extension? If no, please consider removing them, as they might misguide users.

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I edited your post with just the images you put on the Kodular community. Only put images online that you made with your extension please.

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Still not really very clear as to what your extension does or how it works?

Description of each Function
Demo of each function


oh, price ?

already I show some example this extension working. in frame so u can arrange ur component where ever u want u can move ur component where ever u want and also place ur comp on top of each other component for that u have to set position
images(2) images(1)
like this so u can arrange ur component where ever u want set ur x and y position
So easy to set comp where ever on the screen for better uidesign dynamically

thank you for your contribution!
please follow the guidelines and include the following information, see here

Meanwhile I will hide this thread
Thank you