Paid consultant?

I am not a computer person, but have developed a couple of things based on some books and YouTube videos. I could really use someone who would look at my app and tell me what I have done wrong. My apps have grown to a point where I don't want to post them completely here, but instead I would really love some personal help.

Does anyone know of a consultant or a business that does what I am looking for?

Thanks so much

You don't necessarily need to post the entire project in order to get help.
You could just post a screenshot of any errors and any relevant blocks.

Here is some advice you can apply to your project yourself ...

Hi Ken,
Thanks so much for the reply. The problem is that the project is so big that I am not sure what is broken. I'm really hoping for a specific mentor who will take the time to help me learn as I grow. I am a fast learner, but YouTube videos are only getting me so far.

I don't even know if this is something "cool" to be asking here. I hope I'm not breaking any rules.

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If you use the Unchive tool at FAQ Section: AIA Tools
to prepare an extract of your project, that extract can be posted without risk of recovery of the source.

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