[PAID] ⏰ Alarm Manager Extension with Notification or Autostart

I'm still working on some functionality to combine the alarmmanager extension together with itoo... as soon as I got something running I will let you know


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Thank you. I will be happy to make a donation

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Show on top notification check is not working.. I need the app to run daily to do some house keeping and provide relevant notifications. However, even after setting the permission it keeps testing as false even when the permission is infact set. I must be sure this permission is set or the whole program fails my purpose..

Is there a definite way to check to be sure the permission is set?

This block is put in initialize screen and always pops up the message..

This check is also always running reguargdless as it always returns false.

well, if the user never enables appear on top settings, then method HasAppearOnTopPermission always will return false

how did you set the blocks in the AfterChoosing event? If you take a look at my example project "Alarm Manager with Autostart Test" you will see these blocks

In the following dialog screen the user has to explicitely choose the app to enable appear on top settings, see also the documentation at App Inventor Extensions: Alarm Manager | Pura Vida Apps. Here are the relevant screenshots

Also rather than only use an if statement to ask for that permission, use an if then else statement to continue with your logic in the else part only if the permission is available as shown in the example project.


I need some help with the Taifun Alarm Manager extension. I was wondering if anyone could help me combine the autostart function and the custom alarm settings function. I would like to create an alarm that could be set for certain times and also autostart.

as a start please read the documentation at App Inventor Extensions: Alarm Manager | Pura Vida Apps and try the example projects available in the download folder

please try something and if you got stuck, post a screenshot of your relevant blocks


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The permission was enabled, but false is still returned. SO, I can not verify that the permission is enabled.

In the event that they did not enable it I need to give them another opportunity to enable appear on top.

if the user enabled appear on top settings, then obviously method HasAppearOnTopPermission will return true
unfortunately you forgot to provide a screenshot of your relevant blocks...

why don't you follow the provided example?
see the relevant part in the screenshot below

Pseudo Code

if has appear on top permission
then continue with the logic
else open appear on top settings for the user to enable the permission


It appears that by adding the set taifunalarmmanager.autostart to true first before calling the .hasAppearOnTopPermission did the trick. It now behaves as expected.


This is what I have so far.

looks good
except of the empty socket here
also what are you planning to do after an alarm?
Always send a notification or always autostart your app or is this depending on the medicament?


I want to always send a notification or autostart. Both if possible.

I want to always send a notification or autostart. Both notification and autostart together would be the best. Also, what do I put in that empty socket?

Ok... just remove the empty socket...

And don't forget to set TaifunAlarmManager.Autostart to ckbAutostart.Checked before starting an alarm

Then start testing

For one specific alarm you can have notification or autostart


Okay thanks!

Does it make sense to import/use this extension solely for the purpose of having access to the "...AppearOnTop..." related blocks?

I wish to assure that any app notifications will appear on top.

Is there an alternative such as one of your tools?

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Notifications appear in the notifications bar and have nothing to do with the appear on top permission. You need that permission only, if you want to autostart your app at a given time.

See also the documentation: while the user is using another app, at a given time your app will get priority and will appear on top of the other currently running app.


Thank-you for the explanation and documentation reference

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I built the app as an APK and I am getting this error.

This happens, because you are not using the latest version... just import the latest version of the extension and build again...

Jan 6th, 2024: Version 7b: "set exact" alarm replaced by "set" alarm because of Android 14 behavioral changes. The extension now does not use SetExact anymore, because Applications are strongly discouraged from using exact alarms unnecessarily as they reduce the OS's ability to minimize battery use.