Page not responding

There seems to be a problem with ai2 server. I observed this first time yesterday, but today I get the same. I can load the designer page, but when I switch to the blocks page, nothing happens for a while.

When I dig deeper I get "result code hung". I tried Chrome and Edge browsers. What's happening?

I don't have this problem. It looks like your project has a lot of blocks and takes time to render.

It does have a lot of blocks, but this used to work until recently. When I select "WAIT" I get the same response over and over again. By the way, I can download my code to my phone over USB w/o problems, albeit only from the designer view.

Put here your project aia.

There may have been fewer blocks back then.

I'm also seeing errors in my app that I didn't have before. Looks like my code may be corrupt.SmartFloat_2_1.aia (443.9 KB)

I just tried an older version, which I keep as a back-up. Same problem.

Finally the original project blocks have loaded. Took 4ever.

The project was loaded without any problems blocks too. There are no bugs except for unlinked text fields which probably serve as bookmarks. The problem must be with your internet connection or browser.

I can't get the blocks editor to open, designer loads OK and so does companion app.

My guess is your use of table arrangements everywhere is causing the problem.

Suggest MIT take a look with their tools to see if they can find the issue?

Internet looks OK. My modem gets 150 Mb/s, but my switch can only handle 100 Mb/s.

I've incremented the security settings in Chrome since I've seen an increase in phishing attempts on my phone. But I didn't change any settings in Edge.

After loading your project, I can switch between designer and blocks almost instantly. How much RAM does your computer have? Evan wrote in one topic that the amount of RAM is important for rendering blocks.

So are you using Edge? Try chrome or firefox. On the phone? Are you building an app on your phone?

You have an awful amount of duplication in your app, a spearate label, button, arrangement, notifier etc. for every single little thing. This duplication cannot be helping things. For example, all of your info pages could all be handled on one single vertical arrangement with one label, ... with a bit of thought.

Use of the table arrangement anywhere is also just asking for trouble, in my opinion....

I normally use Chrome. I tried Edge to see if the problem persists.
My PC has 4 GB RAM and X64 Windows. Memory shouldn't be the problem. I constantly monitor RAM use and it usually hovers around 75%.

Tim, yes you're right about the duplication. This is my first attempt to create an app and creating dedicated arrangements wit dedicated labels etc. helps me keeping track in my mind and on the screen of what is going on in the app.
What's so bad about using tables?

Tried with chrome again this morning. Still extremely slow. Then switched to FireFox. Wow, what a difference! Thanks for the advice. ANd no, I'm not building the app on the phone. It runs on the phone and talks to my ESP32 using bluetooth.

Sometimes someone pastes components into a table. Then the design often fails and is difficult to repair. Tables must be handled with care. Personally, I prefer to use several horizontal and vertical arrangements instead of tables.

Ah, yes, I know about the issues with tables in the designer. Found out the hard way :wink: