Package name problem in mit appinventor and in play console

The error is comming like this even when I renamed the file. Please help.
Thankyou in advance.

The packageName with AI2 is:

<yourProjectName> => <yourProjectName>.aia

In my case (for example):
myProjectName = "AT_pro".aia

packageName in my example:


In your case:

Btw, that really is a "horrible" packageName. :wink:

But this cannot be changed afterwards unless you rebuild the app (with a suitable packageName) and unpublish your old app from the Play Store.

See also here:

It sounds like you originally published a version of your app, then used the checkpoint feature to make a checkpoint but proceeded to develop based on the checkpoint rather than the original copy of your app. As @Anke mentioned, the package name is derived from the project name, so probably want you will need to do is export both projects (as a backup), delete the version with the correct name from your project list, rename the AIA of the checkpointed version you want to publish to match the original project name, and then import it back into App Inventor so the project name matches what Google Play is expecting.

Because it's not the same package name
The package name of your update different

I have already pointed out: