P2P / Wifi Direct

Hi, this maybe a naive question as I am a complete newbie to app programming, so please bear with me.

I have an IP camera that can either be connected to directly (P2P wifi direct) or connected to through my house wifi.

The camera came with an app, which more or less works but I have a project in mind, so I would like to develop an app that is simple to connect to the camera, possibly with a simple frame around the camera image with an ability to record video and take photos.

So, my question is, is this possible with the MIT app and my complete ignorance or should I just forget about it?



Hello Connal

Most likely tricky using App Inventor, but there is hope. You need to find out if the camera has an API or SDK that allows you to develop your own App to control/communicate with it. May be the case that the comms works by sending fixed text commands via WiFi - so if it’s possible to connect to the camera with the manufacturer’s App on an Android device (phone), then App Inventor could do the same with API commands.

However, if it’s a commercial security camera, the manufacturer may want to know if you can be trusted, since access could be for malicious reasons…

Hi Chris,

Thanks for getting back to me.

There is nothing sinister about what I’m doing. I found a tiny camera on ebay (8mm x 8mm x 6mm) and I am putting it on model trains, so that the track can be filmed from the PoV of the driver. However, the camera is cheap (not a problem) as is the app (is a problem). The app isn’t very reliable and the instructions, such as they are, are written in very poor English. Also, the camera is unbranded, so I don’t know who I would contact for the API. These things are usually clones of more expensive makes but, as yet, I haven’t been able to find the more expensive make.

So, it may be that I just have to live with the app they provide.