Overlay camera image with pictures

Good morning,
I have a quick question regarding overlaying images. After extensive research and experimentation, I have come to the conclusion that my project is not feasible with AppInventor.It would be great if someone here could confirm this for me so I can look for another approach. Here's what I want to do:
I want to be able to draw a rectangle (line, points,...) over the (moving) camera image, i.e. superimpose something on the camera image. I tried it with Canvas, but unfortunately without success.
Now my question: Is this in principle not possible with Appinventor or does anyone have a solution for me how I could approach this?
I am glad about every hint!
I wish you all a nice Sunday!
Best regards from Germany,

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I don't know which extensions offer overlapping components, but you can do it with the Overlay Layout Extension produced by DeepHost. You will find its extensions at number 30 here:

Unfortunately, to download the extension you need to install its app on the phone.

Dear Patryk,
many thank for your quick reply! I will give it a try!
Best regards from Germany

Hello, I did it but with a camera for an alarm. I put the image on the background and not on a can vas and I had the possibility to add everything I wanted.

Is this what you want? You can add any arrangement to the camera view using this extension:

Hello all,
sorry, I was not at the computer the last hours. First of all, many, many thanks for your efforts. I think I should specify my requirement a bit more: I have attached a screenshot for this purpose: I want to overlay a geometry (rectangle, points, and so on) over a (moving) camera image.

@henri_laudani: Have you done something like this with your app? I tried to follow your code (switched to English / German), but unfortunately I couldn't :pensive:
"Image de fond" I always associate with canvas, but you write that you don't use canvas....
Maybe you have time and desire to give me another tip!

Thanks a lot and greetings to France(?)



thank you very much for your input as well! To you the question back: can your app do this?

Many greetings,


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Yes, the extension can do the thing. Just put the overlay in layout and just give the input to the extension.

Hello, did you pass? I’m gonna see if there’s an extension to get the feed from the front camera on the phone because I’m using my surveillance camera. Thank you for your greetings