Overlay a text on image

I have a problem, I already watched to solve :

I would like to overlay a text on image to do this but I want to
place the text where I want on the image. I want to do this to change the language (english, french, german, ...) of my app, to avoid to creat new images to change language. I will just change the text of label to do this.
The problem of this solution is that i can't place the image or I want (first solution) and creat a canvas a add a label inside is not possible too.

Have you got a good solution ?
Thanks you

why is this not possible? If you want to change the text on the canvas, simply clear the canvas and redraw it with the new text. If you are having trouble with canvas dimensions when adding an image to the background, see here for a solution:

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Thanks for your fast reply,
because when I want to do this it doesn't work :

It's really important for me to have a label and not an image inside the canvas.

Try this example

labelincanvas.aia (2.6 KB)

Hello i used an extension called repositiong tools where you place wherever you want an item. But i realized that it has some disadvantages that you should deal with... here is one...when you have a text that it should be refreshed then when this is done the below text changes it position... also you must be aware that when you use fixed positions it has different behaviours in different screens.... So download it and give it a try to see if it can do your job..

I think the developer of the extension can help you.

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Ok i informed the developer... so if he help us, the solution to be seen from all of us... I will be more specific to the problem i faced... I have placed a text lets say x=100px y=100px and the next text on x=100px y=200px. The length of both texts are 2 letters long.. If i refresh the first text with 2 more characters the second text also moves two characters.


Arrangements can have images.
What would Labels with transparent background colors look like in such an Arrangement?

Thanks for your reply, i will try

There is a way to overlay a text into a camera taken picture, but with data obtained with a sensor? not with typed text?

try to use Pro Camera extension