Over Quota - PaintPot Extended

This application is temporarily over its serving quota. Please try again later.
We are getting accessibility error for this PaintPot extended app for our class. We are getting this Over Quota error.

I am getting the same message with the link you provided, maybe these links will help?





Believe it or not, appinventor.org is not run by MIT but instead of Prof. David Wolber at UCSF. Looks like he is using a web hosting plan that limits the amount of data that the website can send, and that number has been exceeded.


Oops, sorry!
Does any one have David Wolber's email address? I don't see it at that web site.

(Never mind, I found it: wolberd@usfca.edu)

I was able to download the tutorials just now, so it may have been a transient condition, or Dave took some action.

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