[OUTDATED][Free] Admob Extension - Add different types of AdMob ads in your application

Why is this error happening?

I think it is enhance.co .

I have no idea what aix connector is. I've never used enhance.co extension in my life.

To integrate AdColony ads, first go through Get Started from the documentation & then download the extension of respective AdFormat which you wanted to use. And at last, follow the documentation from Mediation >> AdColony . If you have any confusion, you can ask here.

See FAQs. You will find Ad loading failed with an error No Ad Config .

I liked the test ad, isn't it useful right now?

Test ad is useful to test whether you have configured the sdk correctly or not. I suggest you to add your device as a test device on your AdMob & check if test ads are working correctly or not. If they are then you can publish your application on PlayStore or any other supported stores.

You will find guide to add your device as test device in AdMob at FAQs
Follow the second method.

Also, I would like to say to @TheCodingBus , at 6:42 of the video guide on integration of AdMob by you, where you should be using Application ID, you have used AdUnit Id instead which is not a correct way and leads to error. Till now, the video is watched over 2400 times and most user may have follow the same process which you have shown on your video which lead them to different error. I have already alerted him two months ago about this.

I request him atleast adress this issue on comment section and description so the audience watching your video, will get to know about this.

Once, I 've suggested his video in this documentation but after i found the error in his video, i have removed his video from the documentation and have added this :

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Thank you very much for the answer sir. But I used the second method. so is the solution just placing in the play market?

Yeah, Amazon Appstore, OPPO App Market, Samsung Galaxy Store, VIVO App Store, Play Store and Xiaomi GetApps are supported stores.

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Aptoide and Apk pure are free

Thanks for this update. I can't update the video But I have updated the description so the user can correct this error. and I'll make another video using this extension.
Thank You


hello I missed something and I'm here on purpose to solve, first of all congratulations for everything! I published the app and connected to admob but it reports a violation to me .. for the ads ... I have performed all the steps as in your video, I have implemented both in screen 1 and in extension everything, now in my language I do not understand well, is there a new extension? directed to how I understand it? another thing to how I understood everything goes directly in the app inventor without going to manipulate the site where to insert the code? maybe this is the cause of breach in admob?

Can you show the report here ?

Also, you can send me an aia to the message. I'll check if the AdMob is integrated properly or not.

For those who has problem with niotron ide (compile extension button does not work)
The network I used has limits because it is university's network. I tried too many time to compile but it did not. Found out when I change my network connection it compiled. Try to use unlimited internet connection if you got this error.


Good afternoon, I have this error, I've searched the entire forum but I didn't find the solution!

The extension will not work on the companion app.

try to use apk not AI2 Companion. If you want to test/develop your app via companion, disable ad initilation blocks.

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no impressions


Tengo una duda, es necesario cambiar el nombre del paquete (package name) appinventor.ai_ por com.?? O se puede añadir la publicidad igual sin que de problemas? Gracias

Well package names of added app must be same as one entered in dashboard, otherwise, ads won't show