Original image ratio changes

I have an app which takes a picture with camera, attaches the pic to a “task” and then uploads the pic into my www-server with task data.
When I download the picture from www-server back to the app, in order to update the task data, the picture has now different dimensions and has resized itself as full screen size.

I want the downloaded image to look out similar in the app as the original one.

The original one just taken by camera looks like below:

Then the picture is sent to the www-server.
After sometime when I want to edit the task and the picture gets downloaded to the app, it has rescaled itself as full screen size:

What is the trick here??

This is how I am referring to the image while “downloading” it:


  • Tommi S.

For the image component:
Fix the dimensions (pixels…)
Tick Scale Picture to Fit


thx for the hint!

The scale-to-fit was not working when I first changed that, but then I noticed that I had it set also in the code.

Case closed :slight_smile:


  • Tommi S.

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