Organizing 'My Projects' with folders?

Good morning everybody,

As an autodidact I work with many examples with extensions and without. In this way, many 'Projects' come together in the 'My Projects' overview in a relatively short time and so it becomes rather fast in losing track.

A great help for the organization of MyProjects would be the possibility to organize projects into folders. Above all, the clarity would increase significantly.
It would be great if this could be implemented in a future release.

Thank you.
Regards :slight_smile:

There is a proposed change by @vishwas to implement a folder-like structure in MIT App Inventor 2:

That Pull Request contains some other changes but also implements a folder system for the platform. It's still an experimental change though.

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I avoid the problem by maintaining a Doc listing my notable projects along with their Gallery links (if posted), associated board discussion links, project name, and detailed text description.

Any time I need to offer a sample project, I search by keyword in that doc.

For a UI enhancement to the project list, consider adding multiple tags to projects, internally in a Screen1 attribute Tag List, exposed externally in the Project list in a search and filter capability.

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Thank you all very much for spending some of your valuable time to me :grinning: :ok_hand: :+1: