Order of execution question

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I have a question that I haven't been able to find the answers to.

Is there any sort of specific order of execution to a set of blocks? Are they executed in the order they are displayed, from the top down? Or do some commands take precedence over other commands in a set of blocks?

Here is my problem:

As is, when the timer fires, everything works as it should. Notice the last block sets a button on the app screen to be not visible. When I change to blocks to this:

Making the button not be visible first in this block, the button remains visible until the next time the timer fires. Also, I am disabling the timer in the 2nd block from the top, yet it appears to fire to disable the visibility of the button.

Why is the order of the blocks affecting the outcome on the app screen?

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@revolt_randy its because you are arranging it in the sequence of how it should happen

I hope it solved your question :slight_smile:

@revolt_randy is your question something else

Yes. App Inventor processes commands asynchronously, so one command must execute before the next executes. See The model of event processing in App Inventor by Franklyn_A_Turbak