Oral keyword to launch an action

I would like the app to take a picture when the users says "take a picture". This would probably use speech recognizer ? Could you give me an hand ?

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Welcome Vincent

This tutorial shows one way to use the SpeechRecognizer to do things.
HOW TO: Program the native SpeechRecognizer for Continuous Dictation and to do things . The tutorial will help you use the SpeechRecognizer to trigger the Camera 'click' and take a photo using your key word.

The Camera has a TakePicture Method you might be able to use to trigger the camera. The shown Blocks show how to take a picture using a Button.


Use the tutorial advice to command the Camera.TakePicture . If you also place an Image component on your app screen you should see the photo. Does this work for you Vincent?

Let us know. :slight_smile:

Hello Steve,
Thanks for rapid and very clear answer.
It works very well.