Optimizing APK Size

Since app inventor import every single components even on a blank app, after adding some new components, the apk size is now 3.4MB on my build, but putting unused components on apk seems to be a waste of storage, is it possible to modify the Compiler to import only used components in order to minimize the apk size?

For example, a blank apk only requires a few of components like Form.java and some other necessary files, so if we only import these file instead of importing all the components into the apk, we should be able to make the apk size significantly smaller.

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And what if project contain extensions (who need those removed components)?


If some components get removed then it means they will be no longer available in the builder.Right?

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I think it is not possible because after completion it will generate android runtime.jar file and it will use at the runtime.

If we recompile source code with spacific components at the project creation time then it will possible.

Yes exactly