OpenStreetMap and WebViewer

i'm using WebViewer to show a page using OpenStreetMap API.
The page shows some POI that, in PC web version, are active and, clicked, shows an info popup.
I'm not able to replicate this feature using WebViewer, touching on the POI marker.
Somebody can help me?

An example showing how to use OSM without the Map Component

Maybe. We don't know what you are doing Uniti. Share a screen capture.

The App Inventor way to use OpenStreetMap tiles is to use the Map components which addresses the OpenStreetMap api using a control.

The WebViewer is not a full featured browser; using the WebViewr might be your issue or it could be you are not using the api properly. There is an extension WebViewer that might solve your issue (search for it).

The real question is why do you feel you need to use the WebViewer to use OSM?

Thanks! I'll try the Map Component.
The reason to use WebViewer was to use the same pages from app and from a website..รน