Openning apk file

when I downloaded the apk file and tried to open it, the computer asked me which software to use to open it .By mistake I selected a pdf converter. What should I do to upload it to play store ?

It is still an APK file.
But from now whenever you will click an APK file , that pdf converter software will prompt to open it.

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I've experienced the same thing with you and I've found the answer,
so all you have to do is change the file to the "Unknown application", watch this tutorial :

so can I upload the app on play store

do you know any software to open the apk file of mit app inventor

If you only want to edit manifest then you should try Apk Editor Studio.


you can use android emulator

An APK is a zip file that you can open or look into, e.g. with 7-Zip (WinRAR etc.).
If you open it with APK_Studio_Editor, the APK will be decompiled so that you can e.g. customize the Manifest.