Opening apps in popup view

Hi forum users,
I need an extension which opens apps in popup view (something like messenger popup) I need something like this.
And something not like this

(photos from appinventor and kodular communtiy)
YEET (forum user)

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here you go

from next time please search on the community before opening a new thread


yeah. i saw it but you need to implement custom view, but i need something that uses android built-in function just like on two first screens

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@TechHamara made an app that's similar to what you wanted; maybe you could delve into it and see what it does?


This uses extension that @Yash_Sehgal22 wrote about. i need something like this

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Have you tried the following methods?

  1. Google the solution,

  2. Find a suitable extension in Pura Vida Apps.

Maybe there's an extension you want?

Your first idea didnt help.
On PuraVidaApps albo i dodnt found anything like i need :frowning:. Maybe it isnt even possible?

Is your app that you want to be in the popup a web app or an Android one?

I dont know what is a web one.

ok. i just read it. from my assuming, i think i need opening just android apps in popup

I couldn't find any information about it.

In iPhones and iPads, they open up a Safari or Chrome window just like you said. That can be achieved through a WebViewer, but what you said was about Android apps, not websites.

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