Open Zoom app and MS Teams from my own app

Hey MIT app inventor world,
I’m developing an app to link more than one app and open important learning platforms using a shortcut buttons.
I could for example open Skype from my app, Camera and Whatsapp but I can’t open Zoom and MS Teams with the same way.
I used this activity starter to open Skype for example:
Action: android.intent.action.MAIN ActivityPackage:
This one works very well with skype but it doesn’t work with Zoom and MS Teams when I change the package name
Any advice?!
Thanks a lot

Try the Package Manager Extension:

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Thanks a lot @Ken.
It works very well now.

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Hey @Ken,
Do you know how to notify the user if the packet name doesn’t exist?

You could “getpackages” and in the “result” check for the packagename

getPackages gotPackages

I have tried it before but it didn’t work.
I think I may need to know the return value of the launch app method to check it.

Show your blocks, it should work.

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