Open youtube playlist

I want to add to the app a page with clickable banners that each leads to a different playlist on YouTube (opens the app in the relevant playlist)
I’d love to get help with the code

Do you have sample URLs that open playlists?

This board did too good a job of reading your URL and displaying the target web site.

I will try to deactivate the URL text so we can analyze it …

  • https://
  • /embed
  • /videoseries
  • ?list=PL8rwu8ZxVJDBMOZ-Exq6ja-ds1G8y51F5
  • &wmode=transparent
  • &rel=0
  • &autohide=1
  • &showinfo=1
  • &enablejsapi=1

The URL is pretty readable, and it’s easy to guess which part is the playlist and which parts determine how to show the videos.

This is just text, which you can manage as data using text blocks and storage components, and maybe lists or dictionaries.

Here is a sample app that links together a table of URLs …