Open Whatsapp app when clicking button

Hi, everyone. I tried some options using WhatsApp tools 1 but got stuck in making Whatsapp app open when I click a button. I appreciate any kind of help to make this work. Regards.

Try this extension:

AppLauncher.aix (6.2 KB)

You don't need extensions for this, use activity.

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Hello Marcio

You can open WhatsApp using an Activity Starter:

OpenWhatsApp.aia (2.3 KB)


Thank you all for your help. I'll try them and give you a feedback.

You can also prepare a text to send and open whatsapp on the contact picker page. The user can select a contact and send your text.

Action: android.intent.action.SEND
ActivityPackage: com.whatsapp
ExtraKey: android.intent.extra.TEXT
ExtraValue: "your text to send"

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