Open webview as small square on screen like Google maps

I use Google maps. When I close the app there is a small square with the map. If I press it it will open the app again. I something like that possible with webview. Hope to hear from someone.

In the app or somewhere else on the device ?

You can size the webview to any sized square.

You can do this with the map component:


I understand. I mean in the background when I close the app. Like this. But instead with a map with a webview.

You could try with the floating view extension

Thank you so much. It works. Unfortunately it keeps small even if I reopen the app. Is is possible to rezise the app when I open it. This is my aia
Rodenttube_1.aia (101.7 KB)

I fixed the problem. Thanks for your help.

How did you fix it?
Your answer might help others with the same question in future...

If I am honest later after some tweaks of my website it didn't start the songs anymore. So I used custom webview and taifun tools with keep running block. Now there is now square but it still runs in the background. I did that because floating view didn't work with the custom webview.

The option I used before is on resume go to screen 2 with another webview where the site loads again. If screen 2 on pause it was going to screen 1 again.