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Hi, regarding the Texting component, the extension does not support it, some special functions needs to be invoked to make the Texting component work.

It will be covered with the next update.

Hi, need help with this blocks.

This is the extension version of ITOO.

Your timer procedure needs the same input parameter as the Web.GotText event, see also this example


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Yay', this one works,Thanks. Is there any way that I can call this repeatedly? because the notification just goes once. Here the updated code.

Hi, for that you would have to create a foreground process, you would have to replace the CreateTask block with the CreateProcess then create a timer, register the event and do repeated requests.

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Thanks sir, ill do that. Ahhm,what happen with this -> Ive created a repeated Notification every second but as soon as I close the app the notification also goes OFF. Why does it doesnt run in the background?

Hello, without looking at the blocks, It's not easy to help you.

This is blocks sir.

The procedure argument you give should be toBackground2, since you are passing incorrect argument, it fails.

I have updated the procedure sir, but still the same. As soon as I close the app. The Notif also goes off. In the emulator it is good, but No good in my actual Android phone? Thanks for the help sir very appreciated.

here is a screen record sir, from my phone.

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As I said earlier, use a foreground process instead of a normal process. It should still normally work with a normal process, but a lot of phones puts limits saying the reason for battery optimization.

Okay, sir Now I understand. Thank you so much for the response sir!. Very appreciated.

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Hello. What commands need to be added to make the extension work with the Texting component? And there is no SimpleNotification block in my blocks. Extension date 2023-03-08

Hi, I've been trying multiple ways to get it working, apparently no solution has been found yet. Im also not sure if it is possible to run the texting component natively.
Perhaps you could use the Taifun Texting extension to read SMS.

Thank you. But I need the messages to be processed in the background. I will search further.

Using the Taifun's texting component with this extension, it is very much possible to achive it.

Unfortunately the app doesn't work. When you click on the read button, the SMS application closes. I used the example that came with the extension. Android 10, Abdroid 12.

I'm sorry I cannot do anything about it, you should contact the Author @Taifun or else you would need to search for alternative extensions.

The example app is from 2016. To get it running you have to add an AskPermission block as described in the documentation. I now have updated the example app App Inventor Extensions: Texting | Pura Vida Apps...