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Good morning to the Forum, I apologize for my English, I'm using the translator.
I would need clarification regarding the aia file that I attach.
When I delete the database via the "Delete the secrets database" button and then upload the Csv file via the "Upload file csv" button, the "LP Delete with selection" ListPicker is populated as per the attached photo.
I ask you if it was possible to make sure that by opening the ListPicker "LP Delete with selection" you would not see the square brackets and quotation marks, for example (["aaaa"].
I thank the Forum in advance for any possible help.

Tests.aia (7.8 KB)

Looking at your blocks,

it looks like you are just keeping a one dimensional list of pieces of text (secrets.)

For that case, here are the two blocks you would use for switching between internal (list) format and external (text) formats for your secrets list:

  • text JOIN With Separator \n

  • split at \n

Avoid the CSV conversion blocks, because they add quotes and commas.

If you do this, it would eliminate the need to pick brackets and quotes out of your teeth.

WHat is the significance of the semicolons?

Thanks for your advice, greetings to the forum.