Open html-site *confusing*

i have a simple question.

if i open a new screen i want to open a website. if i do this (tryed webviewer - also activity-starter) then the page was displayed (yeah) but not the live site! i see only the site on point of compiling. what´s wrong ?

Please show your relevant blocks. If you are loading a local html file it will show that, if you are loading a url from the internet, it should show the most current version

OK, that is your designer view not your blocks view.

I see you are loading an http site (not https). Is this running on a local server or is this on the internet?

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I don´t use blocks. i only want to open a url. the url is correct (http://...)

the app opens the given .url but if changed the content of website the app doesn´t notice that

You would need to reload the page in order to show changes, using clear caches (in the blocks) may help.

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that has no effect. i have tryed also:

  • change the content of website
  • reload - no effect
  • reinstall apk - no effect

i think MIT compiles the actual status of website into the app. otherwise i have no idea was happened

why so complicated of MIT to display a ordinary website ?

Can you share your aia project for testing?

yes... thank you!
Tinnitus.aia (1.3 MB)

I can't see anything wrong with the webviewer part of your app.

Try this example which demonstrates that AI2 does not hard code a web site
webviewChange.aia (1.8 KB)

as suggested you might also try these two blocks when reloading your web page


thank you! i will try it and send a report!

You also need to switch screens correctly

(you can drag this block onto your project.)

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i don´t want a extra button (reload etc) - i want to open a screen and the website have to come without any clicking. the app have to open the actual html. on the website there is no cockies - only plain html

Try with these blocks

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if the "Webviewer HomeURL" was working there is no need to change the screens for me. but it doesn´t

Look in the Screen (About) drawer in the palette


hey I runs well! i can´t believe it! i thank you so much!

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